Thai natural wax candle massage

We encourage you to take advantage of Thai massages performed in the chain of Thai Spa salons in Warsaw.

One of regeneration treatments offered by us is the Thai candle massage. This pleasant, aromatic treatment is performed  with a natural wax candle and essence of essential oils; candle melts and as a fragrant essential oil is massaged into the body.

Thai massage with candle is a highly nourishing, regenerating body treatment, which perfectly nourishes the skin and relaxes tired psyche.

Price list
Duration60 min.90 min.120 min.
Price in PLN200250300
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Thai natural wax candle massage in practice

In the Thai Spa we care about your comfort and convenience. The massage proposed by us is performed on a mattress or bed; each time we prepare for your disposable underwear. The masseuse uses techniques drawn from Thai massage with essential oils, starting the treatment from feet, heading up the top body parts and ending on the head and face. We ensure that candle massage is deeply relaxing and will positively impact the rest of your day.

Thai candle massage helps to:

  • calm and relax the senses,
  • moisturise the skin,
  • regenerate and nourish the skin,
  • relax the body,
  • eliminate the tension,
  • stimulate the metabolism.


Watch how our massage looks like

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