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KPIs, „ASAP” deadlines, uncool phone calls? Mordor, we come to the rescue! We will improve your workflow and boost your mood!

Discover the beneficial impact of Thai massage on your performance at work and... on your overall well-being! Pop in during lunch break and enjoy a 20% Happy Hours discount, visit us after work and have a little „Thai vacation”, or book a 30-minute business massage at your office and forget about that backache you get from long hours spent sitting at the desk.

The Land of Smiles at Mordor

Thailand is called „the Land of Smiles”. It is a place where a massage is the daily therapy for the body and soul. The Thai have been perfecting their technique for over 2,500 years. They are inspired by Chinese massage, yoga, reflexology and shiatsu... This mix has resulted in the creation of a massage style that simultaneously relaxes and boosts energy levels, allowing you to forget about daily life and help you face new challenges. Impossible? Not at all! See you on June 12, 2017!

If you want to relax after working overtime, but have no time for a holiday reset, visit our parlour and „drift away” to Thailand for two hours!


Thai Spa Mokotów-Cybernetyki
Cybernetyki 4A apartment 28
02-677 Warszawa
phone: +48 799 111 997



It is a very interesting form of massage performed in several positions (e.g. on the back, on the stomach, on the side, in a sitting position) using passive yoga. The massage is intense, so we recommend it to „advanced” clients.

MASSAGE FOR TWO – a date or a gossip session
DATE OPTION: A dimly-lit room, relaxing music, aroma oil...
GOSSIP OPTION: A room with 2 massage beds. One for you, one for your friend. Add silence, aromatherapy, relaxing massage... Perfect conditions to have an uninterrupted chat.

OIL MASSAGE – for beginners
One of the most popular massages. The pleasant aroma of oils and the rhythmic, gentle movements of the therapist’s hands will help you relax or even doze off. Warm oil will moisturize your skin, making it soft to the touch. The massage is mainly recommended for those in need of relaxation. It is also a good choice for your first visit to the Thai massage parlour.

Sitting at your desk for long hours? Your back is starting to hate you? Our business massage will help. We have created this short, 30-minute, treatment that brings instant relief especially for you. The massage focuses on the back and neck, and is perfect for busy people. No time to get out of the office? Relax, give us a call and one of our therapists will visit you at your workplace!

SPORTS MASSAGE – for active people
Work, gym, diet, home and... sore muscles! Too much! When trying to take care of yourself between work and home duties, it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated. We prove that taking care of your body can be fun! Our massage will relax you and will reduce the tension in your muscles, helping you deal with the soreness. In a nutshell: lie down and trust our therapists. You'll be ready to face new challenges (not just professional ones) in no time!


Monday to Friday. Visit us during your lunch break (from 12:00 p.m. to 04:00 p.m.) and enjoy a 20% discount on ALL TREATMENTS!

Only at the Thai Spa: THAI RITUALS

Thai face and body treatments: scrubs, masks, massages – a real Thai Spa!