Tajskie Spa City Centre-Pokorna

We invite you to visit our Spa salon located on the Pokorna Street in the centre of Warsaw (in between the Inflancka Street and Stawki street) in the immediate vicinity of the underground station Dworzec Gdański and the Arkadia Shopping Center. The Thai Spa salon is located in the Murano Apartments (first floor). It has a parking space in front of the building.

We encourage you to use our services – wonderful, intimate interior saturated with aroma oils will meet your expectations. Professionally performed Thai or Balinese massage ensures in-depth relaxation.

We are prepared to welcome three people at the same time. The salon has two rooms – single and double one.


How to get to our massage parlor?

Tajskie Spa City Centre-Pokorna
Pokorna 2 apartment 503
00-199 Warszawa
staircase V, first floor

 +48 22 121 00 16
Open Mon-Fri 11:00-22:00
Sat-Sun 11:00-22:00

Parking spaces are located in front of the building.

You like our massage parlor, but its location is not right for you. No problem! Check one of our other salons.