Energizing Coffee

Everyone loves coffee! Its morning aroma wakes us up and introduces us to the rhythm of the day. Caffeine, which is contained in coffee, has a similarly energizing effect on the skin. It has a stimulating and draining effect on it, makes the blood circulate faster and oxygenates the cells better. It also removes toxins and excess water from the body.

How does it affect the body? The silhouette becomes modeled and the skin becomes firm, smooth and more tense. Systematic use of products containing coffee extract prevents the formation of cellulite and excessive accumulation of adipose tissue.

So we encourage you to use this ritual regularly.

Energizing Coffee ritual consists of:

  • peeling 1h,
  • body massage with oil 1h.
Price list
Duration 120 min.
Price in PLN 400

Energizing Coffee in practice

The Energizing Coffee ritual is a good solution to:

  • firm the skin,
  • improve its quality and nutrition,
  • improve skin tone and combat free radicals,
  • remove toxins and excess water,
  • get rid of cellulite,
  • prevent the accumulation of fatty tissue.

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