Nourishing Chocolate, Milk and Honey

Chocolate is well-known delicacy and aphrodisiac – who does not like it? Cocoa aromas contained in chocolate cosmetics soften and firm the body, strengthen, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Honey has regenerating properties, smoothes the skin and makes it more elastic. In contrast, milk contains ingredients that neutralize free radicals and protect the skin against premature aging and stimulate it to produce collagen and elastin.Our Nourishing ritual Chocolate, Honey and Milk Ritual combines all these nutritious, smoothing and regenerating properties to provide you with complete relaxation and restoration of the body.

Nourishing Chocolate, Milk and Honey is a treatment which consists of:

  • chocolate peeling 1h,
  • body massage using oil 1h,
  • body mask 1h.

(You can also choose one of the shortened versions of the ritual, i.e.: peeling and massage or only a peeling).

Price list
Duration60 min.120 min.180 min.
Price in PLN200300400
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Nourishing Chocolate, Milk and Honey in practice

First masseuse commences a body peeling by a gentle massage, allowing dead skin to be removed. After the shower, the masseuse puts the chocolate, milk and honey fragrance mask on the body. While the mask works, a neck, face and head massage is performed to make the time more enjoyable. After removing the mask, a relaxing massage of the whole body is carried out with an oil with the scent of chocolate, honey and milk. After the massage, we recommend only wiping the body with a towel so that the massaged cream can nourish the skin for longer, and the pleasant aroma could caress your senses for the next hours after the ritual.

For your comfort, we do the massage on the bed, in a lying position; it is necessary to dress in one - off underwear.

Nourishing Chocolate, Milk and Honey ritual helps to:

  • nourish and regenerate the skin,
  • visibly rejuvenate the skin,
  • relax, de-stress and calm the body.


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