Massage for women in or after pregnancy

To the Thai Spa in Warsaw we also invite women who are pregnant or immediately after, for whom we have prepared a special kind of relaxing massage, helping them to relax tense back muscles, legs and buttocks. Furthermore, the used technique of Thai massage for woman who are pregnant or after pregnancy helps to make skin more flexible through its optimal nutrition.

This massage has a beneficial effect on burdened legs, pelvis and spine. Please also note that this massage cannot be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy and in the period of one to two months after delivery, especially if you had a caesarean section.

Price list
Duration 90 min. 120 min.
Price in PLN 270 340

Massage for women in or after pregnancy in practice

In Warsaw Thai Spa salons, this massage is performed in a special bed, using disposable underwear. Oil massage technique is applied; whole body is massaged with special emphasis on the legs, pelvis and back.

Tanks to the extracted oils used, the massage allows to regenerate the body and make the skin more flexible and more susceptible to absorption and returning to the prenatal state. Beneficial effects of the massage relieves tired legs and feet, and also removes excess water and lymph.

Massage for women in pregnancy and after pregnancy helps to:

  • relax the tense muscles of the legs, pelvis and back,
  • remove muscle pain,
  • make the skin more flexible,
  • regenerate the skin,
  • absorb the skin more quickly,
  • eliminate the feeling of „heavy legs”,
  • remove excess of water and lymph from the body.


Watch how our massage looks like

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