Information about Thai Spa

Thai Spa Team

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thai Spa is a chain of salons offering Thai and Balinese massages, present on the Polish market since 2010.

With vast experience, we continue to develop and change for you.

Take advantage of our professional services and high quality treatments. With us it is possible to achieve complete relaxation of the body tired from the hardships of everyday life. Contentment and relaxation of body and soul of our customers is our priority. We want to create such an atmosphere of the place, that it makes you want to come back with full confidence.

Thai and Balinese massage parlours

Thai Spa Team

Professionalism and competence and full responsibility for health and state of mind of our customers is the basis for action. The experience and knowledge of our masseuses uphold each massage performed in our salon.

Qualified masseuses from Thailand will make you feel safely with us and give us confidence in the performance of services.

We try to make our salons to become a reflection of the unique, oriental climate and atmosphere that you can experience in Asia. The original design, rich in sculptures and paintings originating from Thailand, causes that for a moment, you can move to an unusual, wide world full of oriental aromas and Asian culture.

Thai Spa – The Art of Relax, The Power of Touch.