Anti-stress Lavender

In the salons of Thai Spa in Warsaw, we are trying to improve not only your physical well-being, but also mental. The treatments we offer have relaxing and anti-stress properties. Having a wonderful and soothing scent, the lavender relaxes a tense body, exposed to various stressful situations. Lavender is also known for skin regenerating properties.

Anti-Stress Lavender ritual consists of:

  • peeling 1h,
  • massage 1h,
  • mask 1h.

(You can also choose one of the shortened versions of the ritual, i.e.: peeling and massage or only a peeling).

As specialists in Thai rituals, massages and treatments, for complete body relaxation we recommend Anti-Stress Lavender ritual in its full version.

Due to the discontinuation of the distribution of preparations by the manufacturer, the ritual is available while stocks last.
Price list
Duration 60 min. 120 min. 180 min.
Price in PLN 200 400 600
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Anti-stress Lavender in practice

The masseuse first performs a gentle body peeling, after which the client is asked to rinse the body in the shower, after which the whole body mask (excluding the face) is applied. After completing this phase of the ritual, while you are lying down, the masseuse proceeds to massage of the head and face. Then the mask is washed, and the body is subjected to a massage with lavender oil, which wonderfully affects both the skin condition, and – thanks to the aroma – calms the senses.

To ensure a high comfort of services, the ritual is performed on a bed in a supine position; it is necessary to change into disposable underwear.

Anti-Stress Lavender ritual helps to:

  • regenerate and nourish the skin,
  • smooth and moisturise the body,
  • speed up wound healing,
  • remove muscle tension and relax the body.

In addition, the treatment has an antibacterial effect.


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