Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with a credit/debit card?
Of course. Our spas accept all popular payment card types (including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and others).

Which Thai massage do you recommend for a beginner?
For our new customers, we always recommend to begin with the 90-minute oil massage. A longer session allows our masseuses to massage the entire body and to concentrate on the areas that require more attention. An oil massage is also more subtle than the classical massage and gently prepares the body to it.

Who is giving the massages? Are they only Thai masseuses?
Yes. In our company, we employ only experienced masseuses (we do not employ masseurs) from Thailand who have certificates issued by Thai massage institutes. Each of our masseuses has to also pass a qualification test, which verifies their actual skills.

Should I be wearing any special clothes?
This is not necessary. For the duration of the massage, we provide our customers with loose, cotton trousers and shirt.

Is Thai massage a relaxation massage or a therapeutic massage?
Thai massage is mainly a relaxing and invigorating massage, but it can also be used in rehabilitation.

What can I expect after a Thai massage?
After a Thai massage, you will feel relaxed and full of energy. The massage is done on a table or a massage mattress. The massage is a form of a ritual that begins with the masseuse washing the customers’ feet with a hot towel (this way she shows respect to her guest), a short prayer for their good karma, and then the massage proper. You can find more information in the massage section.

Should I reserve a visit in advance?
Yes. Because our spas are very popular, it is recommended that you reserve a visit in advance. For 100% certainty, we ask for confirmation of the massage 2-3 days before the actual visit.

Is it possible to receive a massage in any other place than the Thai Spa?
Unfortunately no. Currently, we offer massage only in our spas, but we constantly open new ones to be closer to our customers.

Are there any medical conditions for which a massage is not recommended?
The most significant contraindications for a massage are: tumors, heart problems and other circulatory system diseases, bone fracture and recent adhesions, pregnancy and menstruation, skin diseases: athlete’s foot, psoriasis, infections. Please inform us of any of the above conditions before receiving a massage.

Is 2 hours of classical thai massage a good choice for beginner?
It is not, it is easy to overestimate your possibilities