Oil massage (aromatherapy)

We invite you to Warsaw chain of Thai spa salons for an oil massage, which is relaxing and milder form of Thai massage. If you prefer relaxing and delicate techniques, we encourage you to use this type of massage.

Beneficial, nutritional power oils massaged into the skin result in regeneration and in-depth nutrition. The entire body will be effectively relieved and relaxed.

We will help you sink in pure relaxation and pleasure, which are induced by the rhythmic, slow movements of the masseuse.

Massage is so pleasant that many people fall asleep during its course, which increases the feeling of relaxation and rest. It is perfect in the evening, just before bedtime.

Price list
Duration 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Price in PLN 200 270 340
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Oil massage (aromatherapy) in practice

We invite you to the Thai Spa, and we encourage you to take advantage of the relaxing power of oil massage that in our salons is performed on the bed or – at the express request – on the mattress. It is recommended to cover the body with a towel.

In order to ensure high standards of service in the room disposable underwear will be ready for you.

Massage proceeds rhythmically and slowly – the masseuse performs slow movements with the forearm with optimal pressure adapted to the needs of the client.

Nourishing power of used oils smoothes the skin and regenerates it, because after initial massage, we recommend you only to wipe body with a towel.

Oil massage helps to:

  • regenerate tired and exhausted body,
  • remove excess water accumulated in the body,
  • eliminate stress,
  • stimulate vitality,
  • improve blood circulation,
  • remove toxins from the body,
  • eliminate muscle tension.


Watch how our massage looks like

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