Thai ritual nourishing feet

You can also take advantage of the Thai ritual nourishing feet, which each day are burdened and subjected to numerous damages. Intrusive external factors lead to dryness, calluses, and even cracking of the skin on the feet. In the Thai Spa in Warsaw we comprehensively take care of your condition by performing Thai massages for regeneration selected for you.

Thai ritual nourishing feet includes:

  • peeling,
  • mask,
  • proper massage.

Thanks to the performed ritual on your feet, they will regain smoothness, will be properly nourished and deprived of calluses.

Price list
Duration 60 min. 90 min.
Price in PLN 200 270
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Thai ritual nourishing feet in practice

First, the masseuse washes your feet in the water with lavender oil, and then performs peeling on your feet and legs. After drying one foot, she will apply a nutritional mask, and then wrap it in foil and a towel. Then she will proceed to perform the ritual on the other foot and leg. The treatment ends with rubbing adequately selected cream into your feet.

To ensure a high comfort of services, the ritual is performed on a bed in a supine position; it is necessary to change into clothes prepared by us for your.

Thai ritual nourishing feet helps to:

  • smooth and nourish the skin of the feet,
  • remove formed calluses and regenerate nails,
  • deeply relax and restore a feeling of lightness to your feet and legs.


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