Thai foot massage (reflexology)

We encourage you to take advantage of the wide range of massages performed in our Thai Spa salons in Warsaw. Among the many techniques that we perform, we offer you a Thai foot massage, which is part of the body massage.

If you suffer from the syndrome of „heavy foot”, this massage will certainly prove to be an excellent choice. It will also help with problems caused by stagnation of lymph in the body.

It is especially recommended for the ladies wearing stilettos and high-heeled shoes, who are exposed to frequent cramps in calves and feet; their common consequence is inflammation of legs. Beneficial effects of Thai foot massage to the whole body is indisputable – it stimulates nerve endings located in the feet.

Price list
Duration 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Price in PLN 140 190 240
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Thai foot massage (reflexology) in practice

Thai foot massage is performed on the mattress, bed or massage chair, and the client is dressed in special clothes.

In our salon, taking care of client’s comfort, the masseuse at first washes your feet, dries them and then will rub in essential oil and lotion. Then, she will start a massage of this body part, going to the top of the legs.

When performing the Thai foot massage we also use reflexology, then the technique becomes more intense – masseuse presses the nerve endings in the feet using bare hand or special sticks.

Thai feet massage helps to:

  • eliminate muscle tension in legs and feet,
  • remove stagnant lymph and water in the body,
  • eliminate the feeling of „heavy legs”,
  • improve the functioning of internal organs (by compression of the nerve endings).


Watch how our massage looks like

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