Thai massage for seniors

Ladies and gentlemen! We also invite seniors to our Warsaw salons of the Thai Spa. Treatment that we recommend is a Thai massage for seniors, focusing on issues specific to people of advanced age. The technique used by us reduces muscle stiffness, eliminates joint pain and strengthens limbs.

The massage for seniors is performed gently, sensitively, so as not to damage the blood vessels and tissues of massaged people.

This form of massage is recommended for people struggling with:

  • rheumatism,
  • arthritis,
  • problems with memory and concentration,
  • other issues specific to seniors.
Price list
Duration 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Price in PLN 160 220 270
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Thai massage for seniors in practice

Taking care of your comfort, in the Thai Spa salons the massage for seniors is performed on the mattress. Every time you will be provided with a loose, comfortable cotton clothing.

During the procedure the masseuse using her body, hands, elbow or thumb performs compressions on the individual parts of the body, which is also stretched in the final stage of the massage.

Thai massage for seniors contains elements drawn from:

  • passive yoga,
  • ayurveda,
  • shiatsu.

The masseuse starts the massage from the feet and finishes it on the head massage and stretching of the body.

Thai massage for seniors helps to:

  • eliminate the stiffness of muscles and joints,
  • improve blood circulation in the body,
  • make tendons more flexible,
  • remove body pains, including those caused by rheumatism,
  • regenerate the body after illness.


Watch how our massage looks like

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