Thai body peeling

We encourage you to take advantage of the rejuvenating properties of a Thai body peeling, performed at the Thai Spa in Warsaw. By deciding to have this treatment, and then repeating it regularly, you will gain a young, firm, elastic skin that is full of energy.

Thoroughly performed exfoliation prepares the skin to more fully absorb the nutrients in the oils used by us, which favourably affects the condition of the skin and helps, among other things, to eliminate cellulite. Our technique also prevents ingrown of hairs after depilation.

You can choose from a refreshing mango peeling with tangerine, energizing coffee, oriental coconut and sweet chocolate with almonds and coconut.

Take advantage of recommended forms of regenerating the body.

Price list
Duration 60 min.
Price in PLN 200
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Thai body peeling in practice

Thai body peeling helps to:

  • firm the skin and make it more flexible,
  • nourish the skin and restore its glow,
  • improve blood circulation,
  • eliminate cellulite,
  • prevent ingrown of hairs after depilation.

Watch how our massage looks like

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