Thai massage

Thailand is a land of sunshine and optimism, "Land of Smiles", the place where Thai massage is a daily treatment for tired soul and weary body. Thai ritual relaxes the tense muscles and de-stresses tired psyche. The smile that it evokes, so characteristic for the Thai people, is a natural consequence of its relaxing effect.

Thai massage history

Thai massage is a ritual that was created 2,500 years ago. It is a combination the most effective Chinese and Japanese massage techniques, and ayurveda with yoga positions. According to legend, the creator of this type of massage is Zhivago Komarpaj, court physician to the Buddha. This expert, using selected elements of Asian massages, helped the master to regain strength after long hours of meditation. Thus was born a Thai massage, also called classical or ancient massage.

Centuries of intermingling of Asian cultures with traditions of these countries had a direct impact on individual sequences of Thai massage in its present form. The Thai masters of this form of massage over the years perfected the techniques used and perfected ways of its performance. The country is also famous for marrying the families of masters of Thai massage with a view of creating a „super-masters” of this ritual.

What is a Thai massage?

Ladies and gentlemen! We encourage you to take advantage of the beneficial properties of Thai massage performed in our salon. It is a combination of carefully selected the most effective techniques that have been taken from Chinese, ayurvedic and shiatsu massage, yoga and reflexology.

When performing this ritual, masseuse is rhythmically pushing the elbow, thumb, hand or foot the specific points of the body. This procedure gives the clients the feeling of relief and relaxation.

Thai massage stretches the body and de-stresses the soul, tense muscles are relaxed and your body receives an injection of energy necessary to act. The operation is performed on a mattress or a massage table. During the ritual, the client is lying on their back, abdomen or on the side, he or she takes a sitting position and the reverse one, which also corresponds to the positions taken from the passive yoga.

Centuries of experience passed on to future generations and the knowledge of our specialists make it possible for the Thai massage to stretch the entire body - from the toes, feet, ears to the whole figure.

Thai Spa – The Art of Relax, The Power of Touch.

Effects of Thai massage

With full confidence, we encourage you to use the services of our experienced masseuses, who, thanks to their knowledge, will help you relief the pain that accompanies many ailments. Among them are:

  • pain and joint problems,
  • muscle problems,
  • tendons pains.

Thai massage allows to:

  • relax the muscles,
  • regenerate joints,
  • remove the resulting stiffening of muscles, joints and tendons,
  • remove contractures,
  • overcome tensions.

It also:

  • removes chronic pain,
  • eliminates migraine,
  • de-stresses the organism,
  • adds energy,
  • improves memory,
  • enhances concentration.

In the salons of Thai Spa in Warsaw, we offer you also a Thai massage with essential oils, which positively affects the flow of blood and lymph circulation in the body and:

  • speeds up the metabolism,
  • allows to firm the body,
  • removes toxins,
  • has a rejuvenating effect,
  • relaxes the soul and body.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us and to read the information contained in the menu Massages and Thai Rituals.