Oriental Coconut

Coconut is a multitasking fruit. That is why in the Thai Spa we have created a beauty ritual based on the rich properties of this fruit. Coconut peeling or massage with coconut oil are very popular with us. Why? Coconut has nourishing, regenerating and anti-aging properties for the skin. It is worth using the coconut ritual after returning from vacation to unify the skin tone, remove dead epidermis and strongly regenerate and nourish the skin after sunbathing or sea bathing.

Massage with coconut oil perfectly moisturizes dry skin, supports cell renewal and regulates the level of sebum in the skin. We also recommend the beauty ritual with coconut oil to pregnant women, because it prevents stretch marks, strengthens the skin and makes it more elastic. Coconut peeling combined with an oil massage perfectly moisturize and lubricate the body, eliminating dryness of hands, knees and heels, delaying the aging process.

We encourage you to try this beneficial ritual for yourself!

Oriental Coconut ritual consists of:

  • peeling 1h,
  • body massage with oil 1h.
Price list
Duration 120 min.
Price in PLN 400

Oriental Coconut in practice

The Oriental Coconut ritual is a good solution to:

  • strongly moisturize and nourish the skin,
  • smooth and regenerate the skin,
  • soothe irritation and redness,
  • improve skin tone,
  • slow down the skin ageing process,
  • regulate the level of sebum.

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