Thai massage for children – classical

We encourage you to visit the salons of the Thai Spa, along with your children, as we also prepared a classical Thai massage for them.

Thai massage for children allows to de-stress and relax the young organism, who is also at risk of situations aggravating the psyche.

The massage helps to maintain an appropriate level of concentration and unburdens the psyche, especially in periods of exams, and also helps in maintaining high physical fitness, necessary when practising sports.

Classical Thai massage is intended for children from the age of 13. For younger children we offer massage using essential oils.

Price list
Duration 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Price in PLN 120 160 200
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Thai massage for children – classical in practice

In the Thai Spa salon, when performing Thai massage for children, we use traditional massage technique, while optimally adjusting its insensitivity to the age of the massaged child.

Thai massage for children helps to:

  • de-stress a young child’s body,
  • relax child’s muscles,
  • maintain proper concentration levels,
  • enhance flexibility and physical fitness of the organism.


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