Thai ritual nourishing hands

We encourage you to visit salons of Thai Spa in Warsaw; competent staff of masseuses from Thailand will adequately take care of the good condition of your hands. We recommend our Thai ritual nourishing hands, that every day are exposed to numerous damages, harmful detergents, drying or cold.

In the Thai Spa we perform the procedure, the purpose of which is nourishing and rejuvenating the skin on hands, also through the elimination of any skin discolouration. At the same time, thanks to the nutritional properties of the ritual, your nails will be strengthened.

During the procedure, the masseuse will perform:

  • peeling,
  • massage,
  • mask.

After the ritual your hands will be:

  • smoothed and nourished,
  • softer and brightened.
Price list
Duration 60 min.
Price in PLN 200
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Thai ritual nourishing hands in practice

This nourishing ritual begins with a thorough wash of hands in the water with the addition of ylang-ylang essential oil, or – at your request – rosewood oil. After drying hands, the masseuses massages peeling into their skin and starts the massage. As a result, dead hand skin will be successfully removed, and the skin itself will be stimulated and ready for the next stage of the ritual.

After washing off the peeling on the skin, mask is applied on the hand, which – for effective nutrition and regeneration of the skin – is then wrapped in foil and a towel. Masseuse then proceeds to performing the procedure on the other hand. The whole ritual ends with a brief, complementary massage of neck and head.

To ensure a high comfort of services, the ritual is performed on a bed in a supine position; it is necessary to change into clothes prepared by us for your.

Thai ritual nourishing hands helps to:

  • nourish and firm the skin of the hands,
  • lighten any discolouration and smooth hands,
  • improve the condition of nails,
  • protect hands against external factors such as frost, wind, detergents.


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