Thai sports massage

The strength of traditional massage, combined with relaxation typical for oil massage is the basis of Thai sports massage.

We encourage you to take advantage of relaxant properties offered by this technique; This massage is recommended for anyone practising sports – both professionally and recreationally.

Thai sports massage helps to:

  • relax the muscles,
  • eliminate contractures,
  • stretch the tendons,
  • remove the muscle sores,
  • eliminate the pain caused by intense exercise.

Specially selected essential oils and aromatic lotions having regenerative properties relax the body and eliminate post-workout pain.

Price list
Duration 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Price in PLN 200 270 340
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Thai sports massage in practice

We invite you to Thai Spa salons in Warsaw, where we care about your well-being. Thai sports massage is performed on a special bed or mattress, using a disposable underwear, which will be prepared for you.

The masseuse will relax the whole body – from the feet to the head, using the forearm. She massages using the “eights” technique with an optimal adjustment of the pressure to tension of your body. During this technique we use oils and balms, which we recommend you to leave on the body for a longer time. Thanks to them, you will feel soothed and relaxed.

Thai sports massage helps to:

  • remove tension and stiffening within the muscles,
  • eliminate muscle sores and post-workout pain,
  • regenerate the body,
  • speed up the metabolism,
  • prepare the body for physical activity and sports training.


Watch how our massage looks like

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