Balinese massage

This massage comes from the island of Bali and was originally used to relax and regenerate the body of farmers who spent the day in a leaning position on rice plantations.

Balinese massage is a relaxing, gentle massage of the whole body performed with the use of oils that improve the condition of the skin. Its effect is a deep soothing for the body and mind. It also has an analgesic and anti-stress effect. If you want to experience a multitude of oriental massage techniques, and Thai massage is too strong for you, we encourage you to choose a Balinese massage.

Our network of Thai and Balinese massage salons recommends this massage to people who spend a lot of time in one position, eg working at the computer, sportsmen, people who suffer from chronic muscle or joint pain, in problems with insomnia, stress, depression, in states of exhaustion and „burnout” at work.

Price list
Duration 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Price in PLN 200 270 340

Balinese massage in practice

This massage in the network of Thai and Balinese massage salons Thai Spa is usually performed on a massage bed, sometimes on a mattress, always in disposable underwear. For comfort, we suggest that you do not eat large meals before a massage so that the mind can concentrate on the sensations that result from the massage. During the massage, our experienced masseuses will use point pressure, but also long, gentle movements to improve the flow of blood and lymph, and relieve tension in muscles and tendons.

Balinese massage:

  • relaxes,
  • eliminates muscle pain and contractures,
  • removes contracture of tendons,
  • regulates the blood flow in the body,
  • helps in states of fatigue.

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